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The Minimum Wage will be increased in Russia

This initiative was offered by Russian Federation of Independent Labor Unions.

12.Nov.14 6:04 AM
By Mihail Prygunov


The Minimum Wage will be increased in Russia
Russian Federation of Independent Labor Unions has turned to State Duma of Russian federation with initiative to increase the level of minimum wage in the country. This question was considered to be discussed during the second reading of the draft budget for 2015 and planning period 2016-2017. New level of the minimum wage is offered to be increased up to 6 500 rubles. This information has been provided by “Russian Newspaper”.

Such offer has been made due to the fact that consumer product prices are going up. The level of price is higher than it was predicted by experts and specialists. Analytics share their opinion about the fact that consumer inflation is 20% at the moment. At the same time the oil prices is decreasing which results in higher fuel price. This can also lead to inflation increase.

Representatives of Russian Federation of Independent Labor Unions note that projects of draft budget that have been approved in the first reading consider the minimum wage on the level of 5 965 rubles.

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