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The market of crypto-currencies this year can be capitalized to a trillion dollars

Experts believe that its growth will help new technologies, regulation and large investors.

08.Feb.18 10:56 PM
By Mark Gainer


The market of crypto-currencies this year can be capitalized to a trillion dollars

Despite sharp fluctuations in the rate of bitcoin, this year the world's crypto-currency market can show even higher growth than in the past and reach a trillion-dollar capitalization, experts say. Such forecasts are given despite the fact that on Wednesday the market lost 550 billion dollars.

As anyone News writes, analysts consider increasing the attention of regulators to crypto-exchange exchanges, the entry of large investors into the scene and new technological developments that will improve the processing speed of transactions in the blockchain.

According to Jamie Burke, head of investing in blockchain projects of the venture company Outlier Ventures, after February the market of crypto-currency will most likely go into growth, comparable or even higher than last year, and can reach a trillion-dollar capitalization. After this, there will come a "crypto winter," and crypto-market will be reoriented to "fundamental foundations."

Many experts note that unlike bitcoins and other crypto-currencies that do not have a "fundamental value," in the future it will acquire such currencies as Ethereum, which can be used to create new blockchain-platforms. According to the head of the company Hercules Tech Mika Sherman, the price of these altcoins can grow this year the most.

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