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The main advantages of LED lamps

Where are they used?

18.Jul.16 6:39 AM
By Anna Nekrasova
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The main advantages of LED lamps
LED lights appeared on the lighting market about 10 years ago. Many people argue about their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, they need to understand in detail.

LED - means Light Emitting Diode. This technology allows to convert electric current into light. For many years, the characteristics of LED luminaires improved. And now these devices can cover vast areas. Their light resembles daylight. It is capable of providing at night excellent visibility. Today, we find a variety of different LED lamps can be here.

Currently, LED lamps used for lighting of city streets, parks, yards, large areas, industrial facilities, warehouses, airports and so on. Use them for internal illumination of different areas. Also, LED lights need to create decorative lighting.

Such devices have a lot of positive qualities. Firstly, they are environmentally friendly. LED lamps do not emit carbon dioxide, do not contain mercury and other toxic substances. The use of such devices is harmless to health and the environment.

Secondly, LED lamps allow up to 70% saving of power. LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours of continuous operation.

In addition, LED lights illuminate the space evenly. Effects of color spots, stripes and no pulsation.

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