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The local official with a private company tried to develop the shelf of the Crimea

The private company "New projects" received a Russian license for exploration and production of oil and gas offshore Crimea.

14.Apr.17 3:36 AM
By Christina Orlina


The local official with a private company tried to develop the shelf of the Crimea
According to the sources, at the end of the last year, the director of "New projects" Anton Dornostup advised the Committee that the company wants to plan work on the area named The Deep. The first exploration is expected to bore for eight years.

According to "Kommersant", the company had a license on this site since 2012, but then the "New project" was a Ukrainian legal entity. The resources of the company in 2011 were estimated at 8.3 million tons of oil and 1.4 billion cubic meters of gas. After receiving a Russian license area The Deep had dropped to 338 square kilometres, the newspaper said. The newspaper's sources in the industry noted that they did not hear about "New projects".

Initially, their owner was “Four seasons trade", but in December 2015, the company was sold to the former deputy head of Yalta Vitaly Mostovoy. From may 2016, 99% of the "New projects" owned by Dornostup JSC "Glavnefteservis", another one percent — Oleg Kochagov (head of JSC "Polyus Logistika" structure "Polyus").

The appearance of a private company on the shelf was a surprise — according to the law there only allowed to work the state-owned companies, with the exception of "old" licenses issued prior to may 2008. After the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, Ukrainian holders of licenses could renew them in a simplified manner before October 1, 2015.

Initially the investors of the Ukrainian company had a plan to organize the production of gas for delivery to the Crimea, but the implementation of this project is doubted.

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