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The largest crypto-exchange exchange withdraws from its list illiquid tokens

Bittrex will remove more than 80 crypto-currencies and tokens from the listing due to lack of liquidity.

28.Mar.18 2:21 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


The largest crypto-exchange exchange withdraws from its list illiquid tokens

The largest digital exchange Bittrex announces its intention to withdraw from the listing 82 tokens. Since the end of March this year, the exchange will remove from its trading floors more than eight dozen names of digital currencies. This list includes such tokens with low liquidity, as: BITZ, CRBIT, CRYPT, etc. 

According to the leadership of the crypto exchange, such measures are being taken to maximally allow buyers and sellers to use those digital currencies that are provided with reliable digital wallets and will be successfully applied in the detachment. Bittrex will advise all owners of the above digital coins, transfer them to other digital wallets or vaults, otherwise they will lose their digital money after removing them from the listing. 

Another reason that prompted the exchange to such actions is that altkoyins with low liquidity create a lot of trouble in the work of crypto-exchange trading platforms. For example, they can lead to speculation and price manipulation. These digital currencies have so little liquidity that their price can be played by relatively small movements in the crypto currency market. As a consequence, it is quite expected that in order to counteract this type of fraud, many crypto-exchange trading platforms will soon begin to withdraw from their listing tokens that do not have sufficient liquidity.

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