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The Isle of Man will take everyone to ICO

Subject to compliance with local regulations.

08.Sep.17 12:14 AM
By Mark Gainer


The Isle of Man will take everyone to ICO
The Isle of Man, a British Crown possession in the Irish Sea, is ready to accept all those wishing to host the ICO. Such a statement by the territorial authorities was followed by China's decision to ban the initial placement of coins in the country from September 4.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Isle of Man, Brian Donegan, on the island in 2014-2015, a legal framework was created that allows the ILC to carry out all the rules of the "Know Your Customer" policy and fight money laundering. Those wishing to conduct the Iso should pass the necessary registration and comply with these regulations, and the government is ready to help them in carrying out the crowdsails and selling the tokens.

Brian Donegan noted at the same time that not everyone could enter the local market since the authorities of the island primarily care about protecting investors from unscrupulous players. According to him, out of 10 recently received applications for companies on the ICO was approved only one.

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