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The Irish Data Protection Commission is worried about Facebook glasses

But DPC has no resources to investigate the issue properly

18.Sep.21 8:30 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Rayban


The Irish Data Protection Commission is worried about Facebook glasses
The Irish privacy watchdog is concerned about the smart glasses that Facebook and Ray-Ban have announced. The supervisor wonders whether the glasses guarantee privacy properly.

Facebook and Ray-Ban announced the partnership last week. The glasses, called Ray-Ban Stories, allow users to make calls, photos and videos, among other things. When images are taken, an LED light must light up. It can be covered with a tape though.

"Although it is accepted that many devices, including smartphones, make third-party images, it is generally accepted that the camera or phone will be visible. This way, people who are being recorded are warned", writes the supervisor in a statement.

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) wonders whether such a light sufficiently shows that photos or videos are being taken at that time. Facebook must now prove to the regulator that this is the case.

Many large tech companies have European headquarters in Ireland. That is why DPC regularly conducts research into their policy. Facebook is also headquartered in Ireland.

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