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The IMF changed the outlook for the development of the world economy

The USA is down, and China is up.

25.Jul.17 4:32 AM
By Catherine Brooke


The IMF changed the outlook for the development of the world economy
The International Monetary Fund has changed its forecasts for the development of the world economy for several regions. Expectations for growth were revised for European countries and China, but overall figures were retained.

The International Monetary Fund has published a new document "the prospect of the world economy" on Monday, July 24. In it, IMF experts assure that in 2017 global GDP will grow by 3.5 percent, and in 2018 - by 3.6 percent. These forecasts repeated the fund's expectations expressed in April.

However, the indicators of expected growth for the United States were changed. The IMF believes that this year and next year, the US will increase to 2.1 percent, instead of the expected 2.3 and 2.5 percent. The decline occurred against the background of Trump's economic policy. The new US president has not documented many of his pre-election promises, and the words remain words, economists can not make forecasts based on the unsupported information.

Also, IMF experts improved the forecast for 2018 for Europe, focusing on a strong impulse of domestic demand, which was not visible earlier. At the same time, the UK "lost" in the forecasts - the GDP growth rate for this year was reduced to 1.7 percent, but the forecast of 1.5 percent growth in 2018 persisted.

The most significant growth, according to the IMF, will show China. In 2017, the GDP of the Middle Kingdom should grow by 6.7 percent, and in 2018 - by 6.4 percent. This is higher than experts expected in April and is motivated by China's state policy to support investment.

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