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The illegal mining of Monero enriched the intruders by almost $ 100 million

5% of the extracted Monero was the result of efforts by hackers.

13.Jun.18 10:41 PM
By John M Jeffcoat


The illegal mining of Monero enriched the intruders by almost $ 100 million
According to the study, illegal mining enriched the attackers by almost $ 100 million.

It is reported that 5 percent of the volume of all Monero received are obtained by criminal means. A study conducted by Palo Alto Networks showed that illegal actions with Monero brought cybercriminals a profit of $ 100 million. The lion's share of this money was learned through hidden mining. As we already mentioned, during the first three months of 2018 the number of illegal, so-called hidden, mining increased by 4,000%.

Criminals prefer to illegally mine Monero, as, precisely, this cryptocurrency has a high degree of anonymity, and it is practically impossible to establish criminals extracting just this digital currency. Statistics show that 90% of virus programs are aimed at mining Monero, while the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, accounts for only 8.5% of such programs.

Also, Monero is very often extracted as a result of hacking and all sorts of hacker attacks when criminals after their actions blackmail the owners of information for ransom. Therefore, many crypto-currency platforms, for example, South Korean or Japanese sites, exclude Monero tokens from their listing.

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