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The head of the British Foreign Ministry will arrive with the purpose of negotiations in the USA

Many political and economic issues of world level will be discussed at the meeting.

20.Mar.17 12:08 AM
By Nikolai Vinogradov


The head of the British Foreign Ministry will arrive with the purpose of negotiations in the USA

Mr. Johnson, the head of the British Foreign Ministry, plans to visit the US and discuss with his authorities his future visit to Russia. In the near future, Johnson will arrive in the Russian capital. The information is provided by the staff of the American press.

At the meeting with representatives of Russia, Boris Johnson will raise several important topics, firstly, the situation around Ukraine will be discussed, and secondly the future development plans and economic problems that concern the three major powers, Russia, Britain and the United States.

According to American journalists, during his visit to the United States, Johnson will try to convince Trump's advisers not to yield to Russia on a number of political and economic issues. The actions of Boris Johnson, according to experts, will be aimed at improving relations with the administration of Washington, after a sensational story about wiretapping and British intelligence services.

Johnson should take part in the summit, the meeting of heads will be held in Washington and aimed at combating terrorism and the organization "Islamic State". Will Trump take part in this meeting has not yet been disclosed. Visit to the United States Johnson plans to finish in New York, after speaking in the main building of the UN.

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