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The head of Naftogaz A. Kobolev claims that Ukraine needs its own gas for domestic consumption

Gas reserves in Ukrainian deposits are not even enough to meet the needs of domestic consumers.

14.Apr.17 11:52 PM
By Christina Orlina


The head of Naftogaz A. Kobolev claims that Ukraine needs its own gas for domestic consumption
Ukrgasdobycha, a subsidiary of Naftogaz, in the 1st quarter of 2017 was able to show a positive trend of enhanced gas production. The minimum plan is to increase gas production company in 2017 is 500 million m3 of gas.

Specific figures for the gap between domestic gas production and consumption A. Kobolev did not name. In 2016 Ukraine produced approximately 19.6 billion m3 of gas, including a subsidiary in 2016 got 14,605 billion m3 of gas. But gas consumption has declined by 4.1 percent compared to 2015, to 32.4 billion m3. In the 1st quarter 2017 of the company increased natural gas production by 0.27%, comparing to the 1st quarter of 2016, up to 3,697 billion m3. And gas consumption in the 1st quarter 2017 - fell by 7%, to 12.2 billion m3.

The gap between gas production and consumption compensates Ukraine for imports of gas.
And A. Kobolev proudly confirmed that last winter Ukraine has not used a single cubic meter of Russian gas. In preparation for the autumn-winter period (AWP) 2016-2017, Ukraine exceeded 6.3 billion m3 of gas, bringing the reserves in underground storage facilities by the beginning of the heating season to 14.7 billion m3.

During the heating season 2016-2017 from Ukrainian underground storage facilities it was selected 6.7 billion m3 of gas, which is 21% less than the heating season of 2015-2016.
By the end of 2016, Ukraine imported by reverse from EU is 11.1 billion m3 of gas, including 9.1 billion m3 from Slovakia, 1 billion m3 from Hungary and 1 billion m3 from Poland.
To simplify the procedure of import of gas from Europe and reduce the cost, Ukraine legally allowed virtual reverse of gas. The fact that Gazprom is traditionally against such initiatives, Ukraine is not troubled by that.

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