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The German court found no reason to keep restrictions on Gazprom for Opal

The German court ruled on Friday that there are no reasons to limit Gazprom's access to the German gas pipeline Opal, rejecting the claim of Polish companies.

28.Jul.17 8:43 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


The German court found no reason to keep restrictions on Gazprom for Opal

The court of Dusseldorf, which can publish its more detailed decision later, said that the plaintiffs failed to prove the irreversible damage that allegedly arose from Gazprom's access to Opal's facilities.

In October 2016, the European Commission lifted a ban on the possibility of using Gazprom's Opal gas pipeline capacity, through which Russian gas is supplied to Germany and the Czech Republic. But Polish companies PGNiG and PGNiG Supply & Trading appealed this decision through a lawsuit to the European Court of General Jurisdiction in Luxembourg, which suspended the decision of the European Commission in December 2016.

After that, gas pumping through the Opal gas pipeline, with a capacity of 36 billion cubic meters per year, was reduced by almost a third at the beginning of 2017.

Last week, a court in Luxembourg denied Poland and Polish companies of imposing restrictive measures, reversing its December decision.

On Friday, Opal Gastransport - operator Opal - said that the German regulator could withdraw next week restrictions on pumping gas through the pipeline, which were temporarily introduced on December 30, 2016.

Marketing of half of the gas may begin in the first week of August, the second half of the capacity will be excluded from the ban for third-party access, Opal said.

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