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The founder of the Chinese application Kuaidi Dache wants to create an Uber on the blockchain

The creation of the new platform was announced after the 2018 Guiyang BigData Expo.

29.May.18 9:20 PM
By John M Jeffcoat


The founder of the Chinese application Kuaidi Dache wants to create an Uber on the blockchain
News portal announces the intentions of the head of the gaming corporation and the founder of the Chinese ridesharing application Kuaidi Dache - Chen Veisin to launch the equivalent of Uber, based on the technology of blockchain. On his plans, the head of the company said this Sunday after the event - Guiyang BigData Expo-2018.

The project will be developed in partnership with one of the founders of the application for the coupon sale of Meituan. According to Veisin, this will be the first testing of the blockchain in the global social demand. The name of the blockade site itself is still kept secret, and it is also not yet clear how programmers will overcome the problem of so-called scalability, which is acute with the use of the blockchain at present.
Recently, we wrote about the active investment cryptocurrency activity of Chen Veisin, which is mainly focused on the implementation of blockage in various sectors of the economy and industry. He is an active participant in at least a dozen cryptocurrency and blockchain-projects, for example, he invested in the leading platforms Binance and Huobi.

The entrepreneur always advises to study the object in which the investments are planned scrupulously, and also subject it to serious market valuation, only in this case it will bring profit.

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