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The founder of PayPal called bitcoin a grandiose scam

According to the businessman, he exists only thanks to the faith of people.

25.Apr.18 3:53 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


The founder of PayPal called bitcoin a grandiose scam

The founder and former CEO of PayPal, Bill Harris, is confident that bitcoin is a grandiose scam, and the real value of cryptocurrency is zero. In an interview with Recode, he said that the price for it is growing according to the speculative scheme "pump and dump." The businessman also believes that bitcoin can not be a reliable depository of money, but as a means of payment, it is also not very good because of expensive and slow transactions.

Harris noted that bitcoin has not burst to this day only thanks to the belief in his people. He drew attention to the fact that the coin is actively used for various criminal purposes, and mining is harmful to the environment.

"In what reasonable universe is it possible that someone will release a script (or announce a release) - and create millions of dollars from the air?", The businessman asks a rhetorical question.

With Harris argued analysts Forbes: the magazine published an article, and it says that bitcoin has real cases of use. Use for criminal purposes are also separate cases. As for inconvenient transactions, this problem will be solved with time, the edition considers.

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