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The first crypto-currency company will appear on the London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange approved the placement of Argo Blockchain shares.

12.Jun.18 10:52 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


The first crypto-currency company will appear on the London Stock Exchange
The news portal reports that the London Stock Exchange (LSE) has approved the placement of shares of the company Argo Blockchain. Argo Blockchain is committed to providing its customers with the option of remote mining of digital currencies with a monthly payment.

Even though the UK remains a country in which the resistance of traditional banking and economic structures to everything new, especially concerning digital monetization, the emergence of crypto-currency companies at the highest level of the financial hierarchy is inevitable.

It is reported that Argo Blockchain a couple of weeks ago received the go-ahead for the placement of its shares from the UK Listing Authority. To increase its investment valuation, the company enters an IPO, where it plans to raise 20 million ($ 26.8 million). According to analysts' estimates, after a successful IPO, the company's value will be 40 million ($ 53.5 million).

This year, Argo Blockchain also managed to obtain private investments of 1.9 million ($ 2.5 million). Heads of the crypto-currency company say that they have chosen the stock exchange of the UK to raise the prestige of the company to a higher level, and also to earn the trust of a broader range of investors.

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