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The Fed is increasingly concerned about weak inflation

The management of the U.S. Federal Reserve System is increasingly concerned about sluggish inflation.

16.Aug.17 1:58 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


The Fed is increasingly concerned about weak inflation

A number of its members proposed to suspend the increase of the key rate until it becomes obvious that the current price trend is temporary, according to the minutes of the last meeting of the regulator.

The minutes of the meeting on July 25-26, at which the Fed did not change the range of the key rate, also showed that the regulator is getting closer to the beginning of the reduction of treasury bonds and securities secured by mortgage loans of $ 4.2 billion.

At the July meeting, the leaders of the Fed for a long time discussed a series of weak inflationary data. The indicator for more than five years remains below the goal of the central bank at the level of 2 percent.

A number of participants in the meeting expressed their opposition to a further increase in the key rate until the statistics indicated that inflation was aiming for the Fed's target. Other participants noted that such a delay could lead to excessive inflation, which would then be difficult to contain.

Voting members of the open market committee agreed on the need to closely monitor inflation "in the context of their concern about the recent slowdown."

Some participants of the July meeting were ready to announce the start of asset reduction on the balance sheet of the Fed, but as a result, it was decided to postpone consideration of this issue until the next meeting.

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