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The EU will tighten anti-Russian sanctions because of the scandal with Siemens

In the "black list" will bring four physical and three legal entities.

27.Jul.17 4:19 AM
By Andrey Shulga


The EU will tighten anti-Russian sanctions because of the scandal with Siemens

Yesterday, representatives of 28 EU countries agreed on the imposition of new sanctions against the Russian Federation. Russian media report this concerning their sources in the EU circles.

Limitations will be imposed on four people and three companies. All of them are connected with the scandalous supply of turbines to the Crimea, the production of the German concern Siemens. Turbines are a sanctionable product. Siemens manufactured them for Russia, but not for the Crimea. They were sent illegally to the peninsula.

German concern proposed to cancel the contract and buy back the turbines. License agreements with Russian partners will be severed. Siemens created a special group to investigate what happened. Technopromexport was accused of violating contractual obligations. The enterprise was used.

Meanwhile, the Russian side refuses to recognize the violation. The authorities continue to reiterate that Russian turbines were supplied to the Crimea. However, officials admit that they have foreign elements.

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