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The Dow index opened at a record high after good U.S. labor statistics

U.S. stock indices rise at the beginning of trading on Friday, with the Dow index reaching a record high after the release of official data surpassing the forecasts of employment in the U.S. outside the agricultural sector in July.

06.Aug.17 2:08 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


The Dow index opened at a record high after good U.S. labor statistics

The number of people employed in the U.S. economy excluding the agricultural sector in July increased by 209,000, while analysts expected growth of 183,000. According to the revised data of the Ministry of Labor, in June, employment increased by 231,000, while initially it was reported that there was an increase of 222,000.

Good labor statistics are likely to allow the U.S. Federal Reserve to announce in September that it is beginning to reduce the assets on its balance sheet totaling $ 4.5 trillion, and may also be another argument in favor of the third year's increase in interest rates at the regulator's meeting in December.

According to the FedWatch program from the CME Group, traders are currently assessing the likelihood of a Fed rate hike by the end of this year at 50 percent versus 46 percent before publication of employment data.

By 17.23 GMT, the Dow Jones index climbed 0.07 percent to 22.041.58 points, the S & P 500 index - by 0.11 percent to 2,474.84 points, the Nasdaq Composite index - by 0.07 percent to 6.344.58 points.

Most of the main industry indices of S & P came in plus, the leaders of growth - the index of the financial sector, added 0.83 percent.

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