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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

The direction of crypto-tourism is gaining popularity

A lot of directions have already been opened.

25.Jun.18 8:25 PM
By Jason Brideslow


The direction of crypto-tourism is gaining popularity
Cryptonation, Blockchain Cruise, CryptoCribs are just a few of the names of tourist programs targeted at the blockbuster industry: from luxury cruises to rounds in the Middle East that are part of a growing trend aimed at crypto-curious travelers, the CoinDesk portal reports.

Blocking cruises, organized by the tourist department of Edinburgh, the Scottish provider of crypto-wallets CoinsBank, attracted considerable attention. The company has already passed two cruises, where crypto-millionaires rested, and now she plans the third cruise.

Although CoinsBank expects 2,300 people to visit their luxury cruise, half of the tickets have already been reserved, and the remaining ones are sold at a price of $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

A representative of CoinsBank said: "This is not just tourism, but the lifestyle that we are promoting."

"We also planned a few more seminars, a hackathon, and even a Miss Blokchan competition to support the diversity in the industry," said a representative of CoinsBank.

Another Israeli travel company, "Innovation Experience", which got into cryptography, sees the promotion of ICO within the framework of the mission of the company. According to co-founder Ryan Fain, the innovative experience is not only to emphasize the unique approaches that Israeli technologists use in the ecosystem of the detachment, including the members of the Israeli Bitcoin Association.

"[ICO] tours ... in Europe, we have these coffee tours, where you get retired people on the bus, and then try to sell them some kind of shadow product, it sounds like something like that," said Erasmus Elsner, co-founder of the CryptoCribs platform.

Nevertheless, Elsner believes that there is no better way to test the partnership of the crypto community than a joint trip.

The new association

"In the end, [crypto] is still a small community," said Elsner, head of CryptoCribs, adding that he prefers the opportunity to learn about the different perspectives of crypto enthusiasts around the world, rather than looking for business opportunities during his travels.

"For me, it's still a community project that unites people."

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