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The differences between nail milling machines

The quality of the work – manicure, depends exactly on the quality of nail milling machine, its cost and the material it is made of.

19.Jun.17 3:10 AM


The differences between nail milling machines

Every nail master should be aware of peculiarities of professional nail drills (examples here) which are used for machine manicure. The quality of the work – manicure, depends exactly on the quality of nail milling machine, its cost and the material it is made of.

Purchasing a nail milling machine for a moderate price and of low quality material, nail master is risking to work with an overheated tool. It leads to a complicated process of doing manicure for the nail master in the first place and disappointing experience for the client. That's why it is advised to work with a not too warm equipment. This way the nail surface will be preserved and the gentle skin won't get burnt.

What are nail milling machines made of?


There are different types of ceramic nail milling machines. For the quality and diverse manicure, cylindric and elliptic shaped nail milling machines are used. Ceramic milling cutters are designed for a soft treatment of cuticles and for the shaping as well. Corindon nail milling machines are the most popular ones in this category.


Steel nail milling machines are designed in such a way that they are mostly used for more rough areas, for example toughened skin. Removal of unnecessary areas with such tool is done quite carefully. In order to make a manicure procedure, a ball-point nail milling machine with a smaller diameter is used.

Carbide/ Wolframite

Working with nail extensions requires milling tools, which are done from solid alloys. A relatively hard material the nail extensions are made of requires such a rule. It is advised not to treat the natural nail surface with such machines, as you might damage the nail.


Taking into account the solidity of a diamond, nail milling machines from such material are often used for work with acrylic naisl and problematic areas of the skin, which have to be treated. Diamond nail milling machines are also widely used by nail masters thanks to their long life span and the wide range of different shapes and sizes.


On the finishing stage of manicure, when you should do a gentle polishing of the nail surface, both natural and artificial, cotton and silicone nail milling machines are used. They has a soft affect on the nail. At the same time an attractive cost of such nail milling machine has no influence on its quality.

Source: Ratings and Reviews: Best Nail Tools and Accessories for Acrylic Gel Manicure and Pedicure - «Nails24h».

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