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The demand for video cards has fallen sharply in the world

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20.Jun.18 9:08 PM
By Jeff Bannister


The demand for video cards has fallen sharply in the world
Sales of video cards in 2018 fell sharply. This is reported by the publication Insider.Pro. According to experts, this is due to the legislative restrictions imposed by a number of countries, as well as the loss of interest in home mining by the crypto community due to unfavorable conditions.

In 2017, miners purchased about 3 million video cards, which caused manufacturers problems with the supply of goods, since miners ordered large quantities of equipment. Because of this, fans of computer games suffered.

To level the demand, manufacturers increased the prices for video cards and introduced restrictions on the sale. Demand for cards fell sharply when the price of bitcoin fell to $ 6,000. In addition, a number of countries such as Venezuela and Canada have introduced various restrictions on mining. Venezuela banned the supply of equipment for mining, Canada imposed restrictions on electricity, and Russia increased the requirements for documents for the mining equipment that is ordered abroad. At the same time, the United States and the European Union countries are developing tough rules for crypto-currency regulation.

It is noteworthy that manufacturers kept their profits amid falling interest in video cards, but it fell by 30%.

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