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The Day of Betrayal: on occasion of the World Emoji Day

Alphabet is deeply rooted in our very core. What we have done with it?

17.Jul.18 11:06 AM
By Jeff Bannister
Photo Deep spaces of Internet


The Day of Betrayal: on occasion of the World Emoji Day
The history of humanity has not saved the day of the revolutionary breakthrough – the day when alphabetic principle was invented. It is unknown who exactly discovered it, but it is widely believed that it was someone from Phoenicia. Alphabetic principle of writing is radically resolving the problem of hieroglyphic scripts, uniting the way we speak, the way we write and the way we think. Hieroglyph doesn’t say nothing about how the word encoded by it should be spoken. The Word, written in alphabetic script, does.

The breakthrough invention formed our vision of the World and created the whole Western civilization. It created ancient Greek Philosophy, it passed Hesiod's and Homer’s poems from traveling rhapsodes to the generations. We’ve received amazing gift of analytical thinking and a model of symbol as an action. Every one of us, even the most illiterate and undeveloped is thinking according to this very way. Alphabet is deeply rooted in our core. It shouldn't be taken for granted. What we have done with it?

I’ll tell. It is what we have done - :-). No, I am not trying to make you laugh. I just remind you a first modern hieroglyph, an unpronounceable noun. Later it was simplified to :). And the horde follows. The most ugly one are called ‘emoji’. This deeply Asian by nature, hieroglyphic writing intended to leverage the illiteracy and blunt absence of language in online chat communities.

I congratulate you on the occasion of the Fourth Worldwide Emoji Day. The day we celebrate the utter degradation and illiteracy. The day we betrayed our origins and written off our obligation to evolve, not degrade.

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