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The crypto-currency market collapsed after the hacking of the Coinrail Exchange

A new version of why the cryptocurrency market collapsed is called, losing $ 14 billion in just a few hours.

10.Jun.18 7:37 PM
By John M Jeffcoat


The crypto-currency market collapsed after the hacking of the Coinrail Exchange
The news release informs that it tells about the interconnection of the collapse of the cryptocurrency market and the attack that the South Korean cryptographic platform Coinrail underwent. It is reported that several types of digital currencies were stolen.

Financial analysts associate two of these simultaneously occurring events. Coinrail officially confirms in social networks a hacker attack that led to substantial financial losses, IT specialists of the company are currently engaged in server testing and restoration of exchange functionality, some digital currencies are not yet available for operations.

Coinrail is not included in the rating of large crypto-exchanges with high capitalization, but some experts in the field of digital economy say that the emergency incident that occurred on this crypto-currency platform could well affect the fact that the global cryptocurrency market collapsed around this time almost at the same time on 14 billion dollars.

Their opponents claim that this is unlikely since an attack on a small crypto platform cannot have such severe consequences for the world crypto community. However, nevertheless, the price of the world's leading digital assets began to drop noticeably.

Bitcoin lost a lot in the amount, its cost fell from 7,620 to 7,241 dollars, the ether lowered its damage by 6%. At present, the aggregate capitalization of the world's cryptocurrency market has dropped below $ 325 billion.

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