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The course of bitcoin left in the peak

Crypto currency is cheaper due to the ban by ICO of Chinese authorities.

14.Sep.17 4:29 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


The course of bitcoin left in the peak

Using crypto currency is gaining popularity all over the world, however, in most states, there is no proper regulatory regulation of this process. Because of this, there are numerous difficulties associated, for example, with the exchange of crypto currency for traditional money.

At the same time, ICO was banned in some countries, which could not but affect the course of the Crypto currency. Thus, the placement of crypto-currency to attract investment by various start-ups in China has been outlawed. Subsequently, one of the exchanges of the PRC suspended operations with bitcoins. Such decisions led to the current crypto-currency peak when the rate of the crypto-currency fell below 4000 dollars per unit. In particular, at the trades held on the eve of the day, the value of the coin reached the mark of 3964 dollars, although at the beginning of the month the rate exceeded 5000 dollars.

It should be noted that not only Bitcoin collapsed but also another crypto currency, in particular, the etherial: it lost more than thirty percent in value.

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