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The countries of the EAEC will unite efforts in regulating digital currencies

The states intend to develop a unified approach to solving this issue.

03.May.18 5:27 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


The countries of the EAEC will unite efforts in regulating digital currencies
The task of regulating crypto-currency Russia will not be solved alone: ​​for this it will use the help of other states of the Eurasian Economic Union. As it became known, the countries that are part of the EAPC intend to develop a unified approach in this sector.

The Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission (UNECE), Tatyana Valovaya, said that at present the Russian Federation, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan face a number of problems in the formation of a common financial space. It is assumed that a general approach to the regulation of the crypto-currency market would help to avoid the emergence of new obstacles along this path.

The initiative of the Eurasian Economic Union regarding the unification of the legislation has already received positive assessments of experts. For example, the vice-president of the Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Blocked Denis Dushnov supported the idea of ​​the EAEC and added that a supranational crypto-currency could play a positive role. At the same time, the creation of a common digital currency for five countries should receive security with fiat money.

Tatyana Valovaya said that there is no question of creating a supranational crypto currency: the partners should focus on regulating the new market.

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