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The cost of Tron's cryptocurrency grew by 67%

The South Korean stock exchange Bithumb added it on Thursday morning.

06.Apr.18 3:02 AM
By Anna Alexandrova


The cost of Tron's cryptocurrency grew by 67%

Against the background of the general market fall, the value of Tron's cryptocurrency grew by 67%. New coins on Thursday morning added the South Korean exchange Bithumb. Within a few hours, the value of the cryptocurrency reached $ 0.05, and then it began to decline, RBC reports. 

Now the rate has decreased and is 0.037 dollars. This cryptocurrency was among the ten most significant on capitalization. Now her position has dropped to the 12th. In this case, according to the creator of the altcoin Justin San, Tron ranked third in the volume of trading - for bitcoin and etherium. 

At the same time, the company's test network started working on March 31. Gradually, she leaves the etheric platform. During these days, failures were not detected, and the number of nodes from 11 increased to 256 pieces. The most substantial number of them is located in China. There are 91 of them. 

It is also assumed that Tron creators could have made a dramatic growth because the price was artificially increased by investors to sell it later profitably. Suspicious activity was recorded on three exchanges - HitBTC, Bitfinex, and Upbeat.

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