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The claim will not be bitten by tiger parents of the girl agreed with a zoo of Barnaul

The parties reached a compromise.

15.Apr.16 9:44 AM
By Abigail Richards


The claim will not be bitten by tiger parents of the girl agreed with a zoo of Barnaul
Parents bitten by a tiger girls agreed with the zoo of Barnaul. So, today, April 15, it became known that the parties to the conflict came to a compromise without a lawsuit the girl's parents have no claims to the management of the zoo.

According to the Director of the Barnaul zoo "Lesnaya Skazka" all issues between the management of the zoo and the parents of the injured girl agreed, in court, they had not filed and did not even think to do it. In addition, Sergei Pisarev said that the girl's parents want to sue the zoo, came up with mass media. "I in turn apologized to the father of a teenager and said that we will resolve the issue of financial assistance," said Pisarev.

We will remind, last Sunday, April 10 two minor girls illegally entered the territory closed for the visitors of the zoo and began to pound on the cage with the tiger. While one of the girls decided to take a picture with a tiger, which had climbed over the protective barrier. As a result of such action animal attacked the girl and grabbed her leg, tore ligaments. The girl was taken to city hospital №12 of Barnaul.

Effect Committee of the Russian Federation for the Altai territory checks in this case.

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