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The blockchain will protect against dangerous foodstuffs

IBM has developed a platform for monitoring food supplies.

13.Sep.17 12:22 AM
By Mark Gainer


The blockchain will protect against dangerous foodstuffs
IBM, along with a consortium of agro-industrial and trading companies, has begun to implement blockchain technologies to control food supplies throughout the chain "from farm to shop" to promptly identify and seize hazardous products.

According to IBM, the first fully integrated platform allows the joint development and operation of the network of the blockchain, helps the participants of the food market to deploy their business systems and ensure their operation quickly.

The company Walmart in conjunction with IBM has already launched experimental blockchain -projects in China and the United States. As a result, the passage of products from the manufacturer to the retail trade is now tracked in a few seconds. Receiving data from a single distributed database, all participants in the "product chain" can quickly identify the sources of poor-quality products and remove them from the implementation.

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