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The Bitcoin rate has once again updated the historical maximum

He "overstepped" the mark of 3400 dollars.

08.Aug.17 1:59 AM
By Abigail Richards
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The Bitcoin rate has once again updated the historical maximum

The Bitcoin rate has once again updated the historical maximum. And, according to experts, the reason for such a significant growth lies in the successful division of the crypto currency into bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

It is worth noting that during the auction on Monday, August 7, the Bitcoin rate exceeded the mark of 3400 dollars. The previous record was set a year earlier - than the rate exceeded the target of 3309 dollars.

At the same time, specialists pay attention to the fact that by the evening of August 7 the rate of crypto currency increased to 3405 dollars, and two hours later - it was adjusted to 3374 dollars, which is 3.2 percent more than the closing level of the previous day. Thus, according to experts, Bitcoin capitalization has reached 55.6 billion dollars.

Experts who considered this issue say that the current growth of Bitcoin is related to the positive reaction of market participants to the occurred and planned changes in the market of bitcoins. In particular, this, according to experts, was because some of the miners offered to replace the existing Bitcoin protocol with a new protocol called SegWit2x.

At the same time, experts say that shortly the situation will not change, Bitcoin will continue its growth, for this, there are all prerequisites.

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