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The Binance exchange added four more cryptocurrency pairs

On the platform were added the currency pairs XRP / BNB, TUSD / USDT, XLM / USDT and IOTA / USDT.

01.Jun.18 11:36 PM
By John M Jeffcoat


The Binance exchange added four more cryptocurrency pairs
Yesterday it became known that one of the world's largest crypto-exchange, Binance, began supporting four currency pairs on its platform, now the list includes XRP / BNB, TUSD / USDT, XLM / USDT and IOTA / USDT. This information is confirmed in the Twitter account Binance.

The first of these trading pairs, XRP / BNB, represented by the Ripple coin and the currency of the Binance exchange itself, is undoubtedly rising in price, amid the latest news about the current actions of the transaction on the world crypto arene. In another TUSD / USDT cryptocurrency pair, Tether will trade against the relatively stable digital coins TrueUSD (TUSD), IOTA and Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Analysts note that recently Binance is actively seeking to expand its listing, subject to the current trend, which follows most of the world's trading platforms. This allows users to maximize their foreign exchange portfolio and reduce the possibility of potential risks. For example, this month the Binance trading platform also added ZenCash (ZEN) and TrueUSD (TUSD) digital currency to the listing, and the XRP / USDT pair was launched. However, for the currency asset Ripple, the expansion of the listing of Binance did not have a positive impact, the value of the currency continues to fall rapidly: overnight the XRP fell by 0.97 percent.

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