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The benefits of computer games

The main thing - the right approach.

07.Nov.16 12:26 AM
By Abigail Richards


The benefits of computer games
Many parents say that computer games are harmful to children. They spoil the child's vision and distract from learning. This slows down the development of the entertainment of children, spoils mentality and bad for the health. Most experts do not agree. They argue that in this case the main thing right approach and a time limit. According to psychologists, computer games, for example juegos de kizi can benefit.

World Psychologists have conducted studies and noted that computer games contribute to the development of fine motor skills. This helps children control the mouse, keyboard and joystick.

Computer games perfectly train the nervous system of children. The child who plays the game responds quickly and correctly prioritize. He also has produced a strong visual response. The children, who are forbidden to play video games, this reaction is poorly developed.

Games on the computer teach a child to handle money. Each game has its own money and bonuses that you can earn and spend. The child begins to understand how hard it is to earn money and it is easy to spend it. Games help them make the right purchase. This applies not only virtual reality.

Players are able to quickly process and analyze information. This is a picture in the games that are changing rapidly. Children are considerate and try to remember the information better. Scientists say that children need to play computer games. But they can not spend a lot of time.

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