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The basic configuration of the Russian Collider will be launched in 2020

However, the first results expected next year.

27.Feb.17 11:00 PM
By Anna Nekrasova
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The basic configuration of the Russian Collider will be launched in 2020
In 2020, will launch a basic configuration of a charged particle accelerator under construction by Russian specialists at the joint Institute for nuclear research in Dubna.

According to the media head of the laboratory of high energy physics Vladimir Kekelidze, the first results on the Collider must be received in the next year.

According to the scientist, the first step will be the launch installation for the dataset. This will happen at the end of this year. You will then receive the physical results, and in 2030 it is expected to launch the basic configuration.

Kekelidze said that the purpose of the NIKA Collider is the collision of particles at the maximum possible density of nuclear matter. In nature it can be found only in neutron stars and in the laboratory to create such conditions is impossible.

With the help of Collider NIKA Russian scientists want to understand how protons and neutrons formed in the Universe immediately after the Big Bang, and find out how different substances behave in the region of ultrahigh energies.

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