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The ban on the sale of beer at Russian stadiums can withdraw

This proposal has already supported the St. Petersburg "Zenith".

09.Dec.15 12:41 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


The ban on the sale of beer at Russian stadiums can withdraw
On the Russian stadiums can once again begin selling beer. Abolish the ban proposed head of the Samara region, Nikolai Merkushin at yesterday's meeting of the Presidential Council for Physical Culture and Sport, held in conjunction with the Supervisory Board of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup in 2018.

According Merkoushkin after the 2018 World Cup, you can not return the ban, allowing the sale of beer in the stadiums of the country. This initiative has been supported by
president of the St. Petersburg club "Zenith" Dyukov, according to which, from the sale of beer money should be directed to the development of sports schools for the younger generation.

Djukov asked other clubs support this proposal, noting that the problems with the advertising of beer in stadiums is not, but the sale of low-alcohol drink is prohibited. Today, however, the football game is just as entertaining as a movie or a concert, where the beer is always sold.

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