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The authorities of Singapore predicted bitcoin immortality

The Cryptocurrency will not disappear anywhere.

29.Jan.18 3:25 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


The authorities of Singapore predicted bitcoin immortality
Contrary to popular opinion about the presence of bitcoin signs of a bubble, the head of the financial regulator of Singapore gave a positive outlook for the future of the cryptocurrency. The head of the agency, Sopnendu Mohanti, is not afraid of the crisis of the existing financial system. The expert also does not believe that bitcoin can repeat the fate of the notorious institution Lehman Brothers, whose collapse played a significant role not only for the US but the world as a whole during the 2008 crisis.

According to the head of the financial regulator of Singapore, electronic currencies attract too much attention not only from private investors but also from the authorities. Governments of different countries are now working out the rules for regulating new markets, trying to track any changes. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the deplorable consequences of the existence of bitcoin: regulators know precisely when to intervene in the situation.

Also, Sopnendu Mohanti believes that despite the growing popularity, the bitcoin project itself, in fact, is experimental. Compare the cryptocurrency with legal means of payment will be possible only if it will allow you to buy a cup of coffee as quickly as we are accustomed to using fiat money.

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