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Traces of water found on Mars

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The attacker stole Efirium blocks equivalent to 100 thousand dollars

The swindler enjoyed the confidence of users in conducting various ICOs.

18.Sep.17 2:24 AM
By Oksana Solodkaya


 The attacker stole Efirium blocks equivalent to 100 thousand dollars
In the group created in the network for the production of crypto currency, the hacker placed on behalf of the organizer's such block projects as 0X and TrueFlip offers for special prices for tokens, special conditions, and contract addresses. Passing through the links, users, without knowing it, "gave" their scam to the scammers; it was already impossible to return the broadcasts.

According to BeatsMedia, by now the problem has been eliminated, and independent experts informed the mining community about the presence of fake links.

Innovative financial technologies are known for their insecurity, participants periodically warn about the occurrence of certain risks. However, scammers successfully build their activities, affecting the psychology of users and using the methods of social engineering.

As for the case above, the authors of the projects did not notice the virus in time and warned their clients about the real threat, which resulted in a loss of $ 0.1 million.

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