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The assault on the Verge cryptocurrency makes hackers richer at $ 1000 per minute

The company SuprNova wrote in social networks that the Verge cryptocurrency has been subjected to a "51% attack" for a month, where the serviceable units are eventually rejected.

23.May.18 8:28 AM
By Alina Barsukova


The assault on the Verge cryptocurrency makes hackers richer at $ 1000 per minute
The technical support department said that they are massively DDoS-attack, because of which the validation of new blocks and transfers is slowed down. Subscribers noted: such raids could not disrupt the work of the entire network. The company does not give an official answer yet.

Experts point out that every minute the swindler rejecting new blocks becomes more productive at $1000. The total state of the swindled currency is already estimated at $ 1.7 million.

In April this year, on the Bitcointalk site, information was provided on the "51% attack" on the Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency. Deficiencies and gaps in the code made it possible for scammers to carry out currency mining at a rate of 1 block / s instead of 1 block / 30 seconds.

After a while, a hole in the network was patched, and the problem was solved. Such a successful move positively influenced the rate of the criterion and showed an increase of 16%.

We note that recently, from the company's internal sources, it became known about the intentions to conclude a deal between Verge and PayPal: it is about adding large crypto-conversions to the Venmo platform. Among other things, Verge wants to close a deal with a large Spotify platform.

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