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The Abra platform is going to introduce Litecoin

Because of this, altcoin has risen by about twenty percent, and then lost in price.

04.Apr.18 9:54 PM
By Anna Alexandrova


The Abra platform is going to introduce Litecoin
The Abra system plans to implement Litecoin to use smart contacts. At the same time, after news about this, coins went up by about 20%, and then the exchange rate fell sharply, RBC reports.

Before the head of Abra, Bill Barhydt made a relevant statement; the cryptocurrency had a price of about $ 120. After the news, he rose to 136 dollars and then fell to 118 dollars.

According to Barhydt, Litecoin is the second asset after the bitcoin for investments based on smart contacts. This is because Litecoin is compatible with bitcoin, it also supports lightning. Also, it is scaled better than bitcoin.

On the eve of the cost of Litecoin increased by 20%. In this case, the activity of literary is a payment service that should have started, but this did not happen. The organization is being sold.

On Wednesday, the fall of Litecoin occurred again due to a general decline in the market. Many cryptocurrencies have fallen in price for today.

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