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Terms of Imprisonment will be recalculated in Russia

Necessary amendments will be made in Russian Criminal Code.

05.Mar.15 5:36 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Terms of Imprisonment will be recalculated in Russia
Deputies of State Duma are planning to make several amendments in Russian Criminal Code in order to recalculate terms of imprisonment. According to new changes 1 day in detention facility will be equal to 1.3 days of imprisonment.

Deputies say that such amendments will help to compensate the violation of human rights and freedoms of people who are kept in detention facilities waiting for the trial. At the same time deputies are aimed on covering those days when a suspect is kept in detention facilities as well as period when the sentence was announced and appeal was made.  

Authors of those amendments say that appeal process can sometimes last for several months. This term should also be considered. Moreover the officials offer also to count those days which were spent on transferring them to prison.
It should also be noted that such changes may have negative effect. They will reduce the term of imprisonment for the majority of criminals from several months up to year. According to official information provided by Russian Executive Service there are 671 thousand prisoners and 117 thousand of them were put behind the bars from detention facilities.

Such offers have already been considered by the State Duma. However they have never been approved before.

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