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Telegram groups used by gangs to identify Dutch police undercover

Telegram is used by gangs to identify police agents and share their personal data.

29.Dec.19 8:27 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Telegram groups used by gangs to identify Dutch police undercover
RTL News has found multiple calls in criminal Telegram groups for information about the identity of police officers, in exchange for tip money. According to the news program it is about chat groups with "hundreds to sometimes thousands of members".

Among other things, names and addresses of agents are searched for. RTL encountered a case where someone offered 500 euros for information about two agents who handed him a ticket.

Making such a call is not punishable. To act on it is criminal offense. Dozens of calls of this kind would be shared every year.

Telegram is an encrypted chat app that is known for protecting the privacy of its users. It is therefore popular among criminals.

RTL Nieuws, for example, reports that one of the groups asked about the identity of two Rotterdam agents. Photos of the agents in question were also shown.

The Rotterdam police have confirmed to RTL News that the two in question are working in Rotterdam. The police emphasize the seriousness of the facts.

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