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Taobao banned the sale of any goods and services associated with crypto and ICO

Representatives of the company fulfill the requirements of the Chinese authorities.

12.Apr.18 4:03 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


Taobao banned the sale of any goods and services associated with crypto and ICO

The Taobao online store, part of the Alibaba corporation, has published a new list of rules, which lists banned goods and services. These included those that are associated with crypto-currencies and ICO. Before that, the sale of chips for mining and digital money mining manuals was prohibited. 

So, since May 17, Taobao will not be able to sell services on writing business proposals, which are associated with the primary placement of tokens. The same goes for marketing and technology development services. 

In the shop, all items that were somehow related to crypto-currencies - for example, animals from decentralized applications on Ethereum blockhouse - were put under a ban. 

According to the representatives of the company, they act by the rules introduced by the People's Bank of China. Those shops that will violate them run the risk of being penalized.

In China, crypto-currencies and ICO are tightly restricted, but entrepreneurs are finding new and new loopholes to use these tools. However, even the Central Bank of the Celestial Empire recognizes that it is looking for the possibility of safe use of the cryptocurrency.

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