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Taiwan stock exchange rose throughout the day, Taiwan Weighted gained 1,10%

Taiwan Stock market has grown on Monday through the strengthening of oil, gas, electricity sectors, mass media and cement industries.

02.Jan.17 10:02 AM
By Anna Tuzova


Taiwan stock exchange rose throughout the day, Taiwan Weighted gained 1,10%
At the closure, the Taiwan Weighted index has grown by 1,10%.

The growth champions among the Taiwan Weighted Index according to the todayís bidding results were Cyberlink (TW:5203), which gained 7,00 points (9,92%), closing at 77,60. Pqui quotations (TW:6145) has grown by 0,99 points (9,80%), closing at 9,86. Transasia securities (TW:6702) has raised in price by 0,06 points (9,38%), closing at 0,70.

Grape King (TW:1707) were traded in red zone, itsí price has fallen by 20,50 points (9,88%), closing at 187,00. Pal Wonn Taiwan Co Ltd (TW:2429) has grown by 0,75 points (4,44%) to reach the mark of 16,15, Chenming Mold (TW:3013) has lost 0,75 points of itsí price, which is (4,10%) and closed bidding at 17,55.

Cyberlink (TW:5203) stocks has grown by 9,92% (7,00 points) to 52-week period maximum of 77,60.

WTI February future remained unchanged reaching the mark of $53,90 per barrel. As to other goods, Brent oil to be supplied in March has decreased by 0,19% (0,11) to $56,74 per barrel. Gold February futures have declined by  0,53% (6,10) to the mark of $1.152,00 per a troy ounce.

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