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Syria calls Russia to produce oil together

Syria offers Russia joint development of oil and gas on land and offshore, reports INNOV with reference to the statement by the Prime Minister of Syria, Wael al-Khalq.

25.Apr.16 2:34 PM
By Dmitrii Z.


Syria calls Russia to produce oil together
The head of the Syrian government also called on Russia to participate in the exploration, along with other friendly countries, among which Russia takes the first place.

He also noted the priority economic projects in Syria that will attract investment. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, in particular, has the strategic projects of the fuel and energy sector, in particular, on the development of gas and oil fields.

Cooperation in these projects is only offered to companies of friendly countries, primarily Russia.

Thus, in Homs and Baniyas there is some excess refining capacity, which can be used by the Russian, Iranian and Venezuelan companies.

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