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Sword of the Star Wars can be your

The creators announced the beginning of sales of the legendary device.

18.Feb.18 9:24 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo scrin Sword


Sword of the Star Wars can be your
The Star Wars saga is the favorite movie masterpiece of millions of people for 40 years already. The output of every new part of the legendary film invariably attracts both adults and children to the cinemas. People who have not seen a single series of the legendary fantastic story, are gradually joining the army of fans of this story.

All products related to Star Wars always find their customers. Things with the symbolism of the saga are worn even by those who did not watch any of its series. Food, clothes, dishes and interior items with movie characters are always selling well. But the main object of adoring fans of the blockbuster is the lightsaber. Each viewer at least once thought that it would be nice to have a laser weapon. Today it becomes possible.

To make a dream come true, you can go to the site. This lightsaber toy with bulbs will not leave anyone indifferent. The invention is based on the principle of multidirectional currents. Everything works very simply as in a well-known school experiment. Conductors simply repel each other. If you want to feel yourself in the universe of "Star Wars", without such a sword you can not do. You can support the project by taking part in fund-raising.

A feature of this sword is the ability to stop the movement of the enemy's sword. An electrical discharge with a voltage of 50,000 V will act as a shock. It can be used for self-defense purposes. The sword becomes a real protective device and not just a toy for entertainment.

Scientists have long been working on the creation of a laser sword. The appearance of weapons as in the "Star Wars" would be a real holiday for all fans of the saga. But until today on sale, there were only outwardly similar toys. They did not have similar properties. Ordering such a sword, you will become the owner of a unique invention. The sword really will work like a movie.

Currently, a unique sword is in the process of development. To implement the idea, the team of creators takes time. Also, developers need funds to run the project. If you are always one of the devoted fans of the Star Saga, join us! Together we can create an original device, from which all the surrounding people will be delighted. The project participants will be able to touch the creation of a sword, which millions of saga fans around the world are dreaming of. Everyone around will admire your purchase. They will also receive a sword on more favorable terms.

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