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Swiss Post uses blockchain to control the temperature of the supply

The solution will be indispensable for the pharmaceutical industry.

26.Apr.18 4:15 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Swiss Post uses blockchain to control the temperature of the supply
It became known that Switzerland Post (Swiss Post) together with the company Modum develops blockchain-technologies, which allow monitoring the temperature changes during the transportation of the shipped products.

Modum is developing individual sensors that are used by smart contracts and IoT technology. It is reported that the Swiss mail and technology company have been cooperating on this development since the summer of 2017 and have already carried out several successful product shipment tests using the new block technology. And, at the moment, the implementation of a new blockchain solution for controlling temperature fluctuations in the Swiss Post mail system is underway.

Information about the partnership appeared on the Twitter company Modum. The management of the enterprise highly appreciates the new blockchain-technology and its capabilities, which, in the first place, will become indispensable in pharmaceuticals to create optimal conditions for transportation of drugs with strict temperature storage conditions, and willfully provide legal compliance for auditors. It is emphasized that the solution for the management of the indicators will be completely wireless and digital, and as a result, pharmaceutical companies will be able to monitor the condition of their goods without problems.

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