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Swiss citizens decided not to give up atomic power

At the fourth annual referendum held on Sunday, November 27th, Swiss abandoned the idea to give up atomic power.

28.Nov.16 4:06 AM
By Anna Tuzova


Swiss citizens decided not to give up atomic power
According to the preliminary referendum results, the most of the cantons have rejected the idea of a premature closing of all Swiss nuclear power plants till 2029.  The idea was put to a referendum by the Green Party.

Apparently, the majority of the Swiss population (55,4 percent) doesn’t want to limit the duration of the use of  nuclear power plants. The launched initiative aimed at limiting the use of nuclear power plants over 45 years. Thus, the existing plants, which are among the oldest ones worldwide, would be closed: Beznau I and II in the canton of Aargau and Mühleberg in the canton of Bern.

The Green Party’s idea was supported by the majority only in the semi-canton of Basel-Stadt and in the francophone Neuchâtel and Vaud (54,6 and 56,8 percent of supporters, respectively).

It was hard to do any forecasts before the referendum. Usually, when the idea gets the support of almost half of the population in social networks, it gets the half of the vote at referendum as well. The last poll held on 16 November showed, that 57 percent vote in favor of the Green Party’s proposal. In another poll carried out by the Swiss television the initiative was supported by 48% of the respondents.

The government has advised to citizens to reject the idea. Among the reasons against the initiative were its’ high cost and difficulty.

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