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Swedish programmer became rich after investments in bitcoin in 2013

The Swedish programmer Alexander Bottema over the past four years has increased his savings more than a hundred times.

29.Aug.17 3:41 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Swedish programmer became rich after investments in bitcoin in 2013

First he invested in bitcoin in 2013, when the digital currency was valued at only $ 30. Bottema realized that bitcoin possesses huge potential and sold all his shares and liquidated his savings in order to buy as much digital currency as possible.

Bottema grew up in a small area near Stockholm in Sweden and learned how to program on the computer of his family Apple II. In 1991, he studied computer science at Uppsala University and received his doctorate.

He returned to Stockholm, where he began working in the field of security and data encryption for consulting Upec Industriteknik. When his employer was bought, Bottema and his two colleagues created their own company, Polytrust. Today Bottema lives in the US and works in Massachusetts Mathworks, a provider of data analysis and modeling for industrial applications.

According to Bottema, he first met bitcoin in 2010. At first he was not interested in the digital currency, believing that it was impossible. However, he changed his mind after the price of bitcoin fell and eventually recovered.

Bottema did not sell any of its holdings, even when the price of bitcoin was played around 4,500 dollars in recent days. In an interview with Business Insider, the bitcoin investor says:

"I consider it a retirement insurance. I no longer think about buying, since I can never again get the same return on investment. I could consider selling some of my assets if the price reached $ 100,000."

Bottema is just one of many so-called “Bitcoinnaires”, which now have a high net cost because of their early investment in bitcoin.

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