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Surrogacy a real solution to the problem of childlessness

What is the basis of such programs?

08.Sep.16 10:47 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Surrogacy  a real solution to the problem of childlessness
Currently, many couples can not have children because of infertility worldwide. The real salvation for them may become surrogate motherhood. However, to resort to it until a few hesitant.

Moral, religious and other aspects are often not allowed to take this step. But surrogacy really gives a chance to become the mother of women from a remote uterus or other problems of this kind.

Surrogacy is based on a method of in vitro fertilization. Surrogate mother voluntarily agrees to bear and give birth to another man's child. He could not be connected with it, and then will be given to the genetic parents.

More information about the in vitro fertilization procedure is available at Here you can also find out about the cost of surrogacy, and much more. Canadian Medical Care Agency experts embody the such programs for several years. They control the entire process from planning to transfer the newborn biological parents. At the same time all the necessary documents are issued.

Canadian Medical Care has its own database of surrogate mothers database. This healthy women under 35 years old. And they already have their own children. Customers can always find all the information about the surrogate mother. Every woman in the database has a pleasant appearance. You can apply to the agency, to see a list of surrogate mothers and make your choice.

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