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Sugar has become extremely expensive in Russia

Other confectioneries can also become more expensive in the nearest time.

14.Jan.15 12:54 PM
By Abigail Richards


Sugar has become extremely expensive in Russia
Rapid increase of product price is spotted in all Russian shops. Sugar is among those products. For example, 1 kilo of sugar cost $0.5 at the end of the previous month. The price went up at least by 1.5% in 2015. The information is provided by Russian media service.

Andrey Bodin who is the head of Russian Sugar Producing Council tried to explain the situation. In accordance with his statement sugar is a season product as well as fruits and vegetables. That is why it costs less in autumn. But in winter it is no surprising that the price can increase. It does not depend on the overall amount of product. There is no lack of sugar in Russia.

He also paid attention to the fact that annual consumption of sugar in Russia is about 5 400 000 tons. At the same time the share of domestic sugar production is about 4 400 000 tons. The gap between these two rates is covered with the help of Belorussian sugar which is 30% of overall import. The rest amount is purchased in other countries including expensive brown sugar.

Many experts say that such rapid growth of sugar price can result in further confectioneries price increase. At the moment such products have already become 5-10% more expensive.

We have already informed our readers about the fact that Russia can be left without Ukrainian and Belorussian salt.

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