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Store the evidence the Chinese police will be using a blockchain

The agency decided to adopt this technology.

11.May.18 8:36 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Store the evidence the Chinese police will be using a blockchain
The technology of blockchain, as it turned out, is in demand even in those countries where crypto-currencies and ICO are officially banned. In particular, in China, this method of data storage is of interest to the police: with its help, law enforcement agencies hope to provide reliable protection of evidence collected during the investigations.

As it became known, the patent application for this development was received by the intellectual property office of the country last November. The document contained a description of the system, based on the blockchain. The task of the technology was to prevent unauthorized access to the police evidence base.

Experts note that the idea presented in the application is not fundamentally new. In fact, this is a standard data storage mechanism, which guarantees maximum protection of information and its protection against extraneous interference. By the way, the use of the blockade is not only interested in law enforcement agencies, but also in other state organizations of China. For example, the National Audit Office intends to use technology to store audit data.

Earlier, we talked about a mobile application based on the blockchain, which will be used to conduct elections in Sumatra.

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