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Stock markets waiting for the victory of Macron

The price of Brent crude on Friday fell below $ 47 a barrel, the biggest decline in the last six months.

07.May.17 1:15 PM
By Christina Orlina


Stock markets waiting for the victory of Macron
Despite the fact that OPEC has declared its readiness to prolong the agreement on the reduction of oil production, world oil reserves remain substantial, to ensure the U.S. continues to increase production.

On European exchanges in canoe of the week was dominated by optimism: first, the data on American jobless claims exceeded forecasts, and secondly, the presidential elections in France should pass without surprises: surveys show that wins best exchange candidate.

Market analyst Robert Halver said: “The polls clearly do not reflect the real situation — like last year and this. But exchange sure that France wins the election macron. Of course, it is possible that we will surprise Madame Le Pen, but the Macron more likely, and the markets happy”.

On the background of optimistic expectations of investors went up the Euro on Friday in tandem with the dollar, the Euro was trading at six-month high.

But despite the good performance in the U.S. labor market, investors have not forgotten the previous months of uncertainty and hold the Euro in their portfolios. They were confident after winning the Macron of quotations of the European currency will grow even more.

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